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Silver Vine - An Enticing Alternative to Catnip for Cats

Silver vine sticks (also known as matatabi), are an all-natural, non-addictive and safe alternative to catnip. Silver vine is a plant (in the kiwi family) native to the high mountains of Korea, Japan and China, and its dried sticks are becoming increasingly popular as a safe cat toy and treat.

Silver vine contains two active compounds that are irresistible to cats. The main compounds in silver vine (actinidine and nepetalactone) have been studied for their effects on cats. Cats’ reaction to silver vine is typically more intense than it is to catnip and it can make them feel calm, relaxed and flop about blissfully. Most cats respond to silver vine by rubbing their head, cheeks and chin on it, rolling on it, licking it or drooling when they smell it. Some cats may rub their body against furniture or a wall near where the silver vine was placed. Others will vocalize; they may purr, growl or even squeal with delight!

Silver vine sticks can be a healthy addition to your cat's diet. In addition to being a toy, silver vine can also be used as a treat. They are low in calories and can help promote dental health by encouraging your cat to chew. Chewing on silver vine sticks can also help satisfy your cat's natural urge to chew, which can prevent destructive behavior like scratching on furniture.

In conclusion, silver vine sticks are a safe and natural alternative to catnip that can provide hours of entertainment for your cat. They are also a healthy addition to your cat's diet and can help promote dental health. If you're looking for a new toy or treat for your cat, silver vine sticks are definitely worth a try.

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  • My Eleanor was afraid of the little cushion stuffed with catnip but now she enjoys it, so I am thinking of another toy from you.

    Lynda Nanders

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