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Wiggles and Whiskers Blog

  • Dr. Taryn Ellis Talks Pandemic Puppies, Canada’s Veterinarian Shortage and Socks!

    Read on to learn from one our frontline heroes working in a small animal veterinary clinic to keep all of our furry family members healthy. Dr. Taryn Ellis shares some insights into the current shortage of Veterinarian professionals in Canada and what it has been like to work in a vet clinic during the Pandemic.
  • A Conversation with Grace Phillips, Foster Coordinator with Fetch + Releash

    You aren't imagining it. There ARE more dogs at the dog park these days and more of your friends setting up IG accounts for their new pets than ever before! Some of these dogs have been adopted from dog rescue organizations with dedicated volunteer foster mamas like Grace. She is one of many foster parents working hard to rescue local dogs, and dogs from around the world to give them a 2nd chance at life here in Canada !
  • A Conversation with Registered Veterinary Technician Kelly Seeback

    Registered Veterinary Technician Kelly Seeback shares some of her experiences from her 20+ year career in the field, as well as how the recent 'Pet Boom' happening here in North America as a result of the Pandemic is affecting the vet clinic where she works.
  • How Running a Small Business is Healing my Brain

    What is it like to manage the ups and downs of growing a small business while also recovering from a traumatic brain injury? Megan shares her experiences of learning new skills, challenging herself to work outside her 'comfort zone' and adjusting to her 'new normal' all in the name of healing her brain.