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Wiggles and Whiskers Blog

  • 8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Have Fun This Winter

    Ensure your dog's winter safety this season starting with these 8 tips, which go beyond dressing them in cozy sweaters/coats and protecting their paws. While emphasizing a tailored approach based on breed and size, the fundamentals of hydration, grooming and signs of hypothermia are also covered in this handy list. This concise guide ensures your canine companion stays safe, happy, and healthy all winter long.
  • Hot Weather and Your Dog: Staying Safe and Having Fun!

    As the summer heat rises, it's crucial to protect our four-legged companions from hot outdoor surfaces. Avoid walking your dog on scorching sidewalks that can burn their paw pads. Instead, try fun alternatives like water play or indoor games to keep them cool, exercised and entertained. If you do take them out for a walk, shorten the distance, opt for shadier areas and bring water along for your pup to keep them hydrated. 
  • Silver Vine - An Enticing Alternative to Catnip for Cats

    As a long time cat Mom, I take a closer look at an alternative to catnip that is growing in popularity as a safe, potent and natural treat for cats, Silver vine sticks.
  • Professional Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers Vs. Hobby Pet Sitters

    March 5 - 11, 2023 is Professional Pet Sitters Week! To celebrate this annual event I've written a blog post highlighting just a few of the advantages of working with a professional pet sitter or dog walker versus a hobby pet sitter or a dog walker hired through an app.
  • A 'Good' Dog Walk Measured in Sniffs Not Steps

    To celebrate 'Walking the Dog Day' on February 22nd, we're taking a look at the benefits of dog walks beyond just exercise.
  • Local Paws Magazine Article - Questions to Ask a Potential Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

    I recently had the opportunity to write an article for Local Paws Magazine , a new publication featuring numerous pet professionals from the Kitche...
  • Dr. Taryn Ellis Talks Pandemic Puppies, Canada’s Veterinarian Shortage and Socks!

    Read on to learn from one our frontline heroes working in a small animal veterinary clinic to keep all of our furry family members healthy. Dr. Taryn Ellis shares some insights into the current shortage of Veterinarian professionals in Canada and what it has been like to work in a vet clinic during the Pandemic.
  • A Conversation with Grace Phillips, Foster Coordinator with Fetch + Releash

    You aren't imagining it. There ARE more dogs at the dog park these days and more of your friends setting up IG accounts for their new pets than ever before! Some of these dogs have been adopted from dog rescue organizations with dedicated volunteer foster mamas like Grace. She is one of many foster parents working hard to rescue local dogs, and dogs from around the world to give them a 2nd chance at life here in Canada !
  • A Conversation with Registered Veterinary Technician Kelly Seeback

    Registered Veterinary Technician Kelly Seeback shares some of her experiences from her 20+ year career in the field, as well as how the recent 'Pet Boom' happening here in North America as a result of the Pandemic is affecting the vet clinic where she works.
  • How Running a Small Business is Healing my Brain

    What is it like to manage the ups and downs of growing a small business while also recovering from a traumatic brain injury? Megan shares her experiences of learning new skills, challenging herself to work outside her 'comfort zone' and adjusting to her 'new normal' all in the name of healing her brain.