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Pet Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

Wiggles and Whiskers Pet Services is located in the village of St. Jacobs. Our service area is the City of Waterloo and the majority of the Township of Woolwich (excluding Breslau, Wellesley and Linwood).

Do you have insurance and what does it cover?

Wiggled and Whiskers Pet Services is insured through PROFur Insurance. Our coverage includes the accidental loss, injury or death of a pet while in our care, lost keys, bonding, property damage and any medical costs if someone was to be bitten by a pet in our care.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

Yes! Even though I am what is termed in the industry, a ‘Solo’ dog walker/pet sitter, I do work evenings, weekends and holidays. However, I do have a family as well so I don’t work EVERY weekend and evening. Additional charges may apply for pet sitting on major holidays.

How will I know if you came to see my pet?

I always provide information and photo updates by text or email shortly after your dog walking or pet sitting service. If there is anything specific that you would like to know about your pet in these updates then please let me know at our ‘meet and greet’ meeting. I do request a 2-hour window for time of arrival for your service. I will try my best to arrive within this window however weather, traffic and other client visits can potentially cause delays.

How are bad weather days handled?

I will cancel walks if I feel the weather is unsafe for the dog or myself. This could be extreme cold or heat. This is at my discretion but you would be notified (by phone call or text) at the beginning of the day. An option of a visit in place of a walk will be offered instead. If you would like your dog to wear booties and/or a coat on a particular day please let me know. If roads are closed, or in my opinion too dangerous for travel, a dog walk will be cancelled but the client will not be charged.

Do you require a deposit for pet sitting services?

For pet sitting contracts less than 14 days in duration, no deposit is required. For contracts longer than 14 days, a $100 deposit is required prior to the start of the job.  

How do you invoice/accept payment?

I send out invoices to both dog walking and pet sitting clients on a weekly basis by email. Payment is accepted through my website by credit card or PayPal. I also accept e-transfers. Taxes are included in all of my rates.

What is your cancellation policy?

Services cancelled within less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled service, will be charged at 50% of the rate of the service that was cancelled. For example, if you notified me at 9am that the 30min dog walk you had scheduled for 12pm the same day was no longer required, a $10 fee would be charged.

Do you walk dogs using prong collars?

No. I practice a positive reinforcement training approach and prong collars typically promote an aggressive response because they are painful for dogs (The skin on a dog’s neck is much thinner than the skin on a human’s neck). However, if this is the type of collar that you use with your dog, then a harness can be provided for our walks.

My dog pulls a lot on the leash. Will you still walk them?

Yes! I have worked with a number of dogs of different sizes who were ‘pullers’ and there are a few different training strategies that I can try with your dog. It also may be an option, with your consent, to trial a different harness where the leash clips at the front, or a ‘Gentle Leader’ type collar which partially goes around the nose to help redirect the dog's head. The 'meet and greet' meeting is a great opportunity to discuss this issue.